Manufacturers' Alliance Annual Conference

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Our annual conference is not to be missed. It's an opportunity for ambitious manufacturing leaders to gather and share innovative thinking and practical solutions that will propel the industry forward. 

Some of the key themes we cover

  • Manufacturing leadership 
  • Culture of improvement
  • Future manufacturing technologies 
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Attracting and nurturing talent

Former speakers at the 2024 event

What being kind looks like in business

Leading with kindness involves more than just being pleasant. But what does it truly entail? 

We're thrilled to introduce our keynote speaker for the upcoming annual conference in May, Sir John Timpson, who will delve into the concept of kindness in business and share insights on cultivating a business grounded in this essential core value. 

The Y Factor: People, Place, Products

Phillippa Glover, who is a member of OMRON Group's Senior Leadership team, Made Smarter Commissioner, TMX Top 100 Sector Activist, and Industrial Advisory Board member, will be sharing some of the clues left behind by previous industrial pioneers and the possible learning for today's manufacturers.

What drove the people who brought about Britain's industrialisation? What will drive people to join the UK's re-industrialisation?

Making sustainability profitable

Hugo Spowers, founder of Riversimple Movement, will take you on his fascinating journey from designing racing cars to establishing a sustainable car company.

Hugo will share his development of hydrogen cars and the strategic initiatives required to bring them to market, then delve into the 'usership' model that has helped to turn sustainability into a source of profit, eliminating economic barriers to introducing zero-emission cars.

Is ego getting in the way of transforming your business?

Russell Watkins, Co-founder of Sempai®, will explore the role of ego in business transformation.

Drawing from his extensive experience in Lean transformation across manufacturing sectors, Russell will address when and why ego obstructs business goals.

You'll gain valuable insights on how to effectively manage ego for positive outcomes, featuring a reflective session, an exploration of ego's positive aspects, and real-life examples.

How a Gardener Approaches A High Growth Strategy

Sanjay is a Manchester boy, husband, father, & 3rd generation business owner. He loves all types of business & has a passion for understanding how companies operate, how they grow and whilst doing so can improve the lives of their team members and do some good in the world along the way.

Sanjay will be sharing how they have sustained the growth of a multi-generational business, and why you have to change and reinvent yourself. Pursuing perfection will drive you crazy but why it’s still worth doing. He will also be sharing strategies to help with the mental & physical challenges of running a business during good and bad times.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Joe Carr and his brothers feel privileged to have inherited their third-generation family business and over the last ten years they have transformed an old local institution into a rising national brand. 

Joe will present how the Carrs team have developed a culture where everyone grows together to strive for improvement in everything they do.

He also values the experiences and inspiration he has garnered from others. A master of adopting best practice, he unashamedly borrows what he has learned, and will be sharing some of the key tools and techniques that helped supported the Carrs journey.

SEE the Future

Sarah believes we have a huge opportunity to drive sustainability through digitalisation, advanced manufacturing technologies and lean manufacturing tools. She will be sharing the journey of the Siemens Congleton factory, and how they have leveraged digitalisation, advanced manufacturing technologies, and their amazing people to become more competitive, productive, and resilient.

Why Engineering Should Be an Option For Everyone

Susan’s Dad said she couldn’t be an engineer because it was dangerous, dirty and she was a girl. He was an engineer and she’s not. So, she founded Primary Engineer instead. Why would anyone want to be an engineer and work in manufacturing when they can be a footballer or an influencer? Do we too easily make sweeping assumptions of the sector and young people?

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Frequently asked questions

We invite you to bring other senior members of your leadership team. Please let us know if you'd like to bring an additional person from your organisation by adding a message to the form below. Tickets are charged at the usual rate. 

No, however, members can attend for free. We welcome people to attend from across the manufacturing industry. 

Our annual conference is a great learning, networking and personal development opportunity for senior leaders of manufacturing organisations. 

If you are a modern manufacturing leader that wants to make a game changing difference in the world, this is an event you do not want to miss!

Our events are for manufacturers only, and attended by normal manufacturing people who appreciate authenticity and honesty (warts and all) about people’s stories. No egos, no sales bullshit, none of this “we’re perfect” nonsense. Genuine stories from speakers that are honest about their associated challenges and failures.

Join this like-minded community and hear genuine stories from progressive leaders and pioneers that have learnt from failure, pushed their own limits, innovated, built high performing teams, and delivered break through results with a sense of purpose.

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